ZA-123-BC is an octal system with 8 stars orbiting eachother.

Star colours
Zero: black: Star 1
One: dark dark dark dark dark dark dark grey Star 2
Two: dark dark dark dark dark dark grey Star 3
Three: dark dark dark dark dark grey Star 4
Four: dark dark dark dark grey Star 5
Five: dark dark dark grey Star 6
Six: dark grey Star 7

Seven: light grey Star 8


Planets (after the vertical line is the planet's moons)
Verila Scara
Lalia with life Malia, Sallii, Balla, Dwallalla, Dell, Window, Microsoft, Apple
Sweetia Caen, Moonia, Swella, Scria, Wila
Wina Dowsa, Worz, Adana
Walla Malla
Kella Kellapitopia
Atopia Malikia
Internet Over 300 billion moons, too much to list here
Solar Makia (Maliaii, Lak, Toki), Malla (Ear, thli, ngs)
Ear Jupiter! Yes -- Ear is 10 billion billion times larger than Jupiter!


Current time is January 1st, 3001. February 29 does not exist on leap years, however, December 32nd exists on these years. Instead of a century year having to be divisible by 400 to be a leap year, it is the oversimplified rule.

December 32nd, 3000: The stars were formed by magic. No comment.

January 1st, 13,000,000: Estimated death of life

Will be updated soon.

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