The Xeras Galaxy

The Xeras System is home to a total of ten planets, three suns, and roughly a hundred moons. Most of the space is occupied by the three suns that exist near the center of the galaxy.


The Xeras System has been around for a documented one billion years, and in that time, the planets formed to create the "Nexus." The Nexus is essentially a collection of large planets that once smashed together, but have settled and now are perfectly formed.


Slarth's Moons

    #"*" Steris 
    #"*" Colas 
    #"*" Geris 
    #"*" Atari 
    #"*" Ulloa
    #"*" Benge 
    #"*" Trox
    #"*" Sara 
    #"*" Yepa 
    #"*" Loutera
  • "*" Blyke

Blyke's Moons

  • "*" Ionia
  • "*" Tricia
  • "*" Xudryke
  • "*" Scoria
  • "*" Piytera
  • "*" Fionov
  • "*" Gerona
  • "*" Dynes


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