Blue giant telotian sector by scorch289

This is a solar system at a distance of eighty octillion (80,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,) light-years!

This is a list of the planet's nick names in distance order,and if it has life, and if so the species:

  1. 1 Ytisned (Yit-iz-NED) NO
  2. 2 Deathland (Death-Land) NO
  3. 3 Earnus (Eer-Nus) YES Stupid-cave-morons
  4. 4 Hictits (Hic-tit-s) YES Furybirds
  5. 5 Chemica (CHEM-ic-A) YES Skeleton-men
  6. 6 Gigasatur (Gig-a-Sat-Ur) NO
  7. 7 Vision-Tele (Vis-ion-Tel-e) YES Cartoonics
  8. 8 Merstne (Mer-set-nee) NO
  9. 9 Fanticyland( Fant-icy-land) YES Floaters
  10. 10 Plearth (Ple-ar-TH) YESZistles
  11. 11 Frozia (Fro-zia) YES Mole People

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