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Distance from Earth 19,000 ly
Surface temperature 1700K
Core temperature 10100K
Distance from center of galaxy 120 million ly
Size 10,200 km
Number of planets 4 (2 currently)
Orbital period 199 million years
Age 1.1 quadrillion years
Type White Dwarf

Stellar History

WD-1919 was once a yellow dwarf star slightly more massive than the Sun. It lasted 10.3 billion years before becoming a red giant and destroying 2 of its 4 planets. After another 90 million years, it shed its outer layers and became a white dwarf star. This white dwarf star would shine until this very day.

WD-1919's Future

In another 10 billion years, WD-1919 will stop shining, and become a black dwarf star. This black dwarf star will be about the same temperature as the rest of space. BD-1919 will then eventually decay away after 100 quadrillion years as the degenerate era will be coming to a close.

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