National color Dark orange (192,064,000)
Emerged from Hiiro-Ixra Administration (97.4).
Followed by Laktra World Communist Union (99.6).
End The Union of Socialist Laktran States still exists.

The Union of Socialist Laktran States was a nation created by communist rebels in western H.I.A. on 97.3. No nation accepted their declaration of independence, and so a team were sent to take them out.

On 97.4, information about the rebels spread to The Red Community and New Workers Union, and so their new organization, the Laktra World Communist Union, decided to step in and demand that the H.I.A. allowed the new state to exist. After the H.I.A. accepted, the LWCU sended massive amounts of resources and workers to the new state in order to develop it quickly and make the inhabitants, which were skeptical about the new system, more accepting of it.

On 97.7, riots began happening in some parts of the country. The government accused the Hiiro-Ixra Administration for sending nationalist rebels, planning to retake the country back by force. However, the Zarvan government of the H.I.A. replies "that the rebels only want a new [reformation] of the country".

On 99.6, the Union of Socialist Laktran States became a sub-state of the LWCU.

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