Slarth's closest moon is Ulloa and was named after a member of the First Elder Council for their sacrifice. This moon is the polar opposite of Atari as those who look upon it are given good fortune and bountiful harvests. Many believed Ulloa and Atari to be engaged in battle when the first moons began forming around young Slarth. Legends tell that one day these two moons will collide with each other, and whichever still stands shall determine the fate of the entire species.


During the creation of the moons, the materials that were forming Atari also were forming to create Ulloa. During this period of about 500 years, these two moons constantly clashed against the other, as if in a battle for superiority. Because of this, both moons received special names. "Tiwa" for Ulloa (meaning "of good faith"), and "Triga" for Atari (meaning "of divine chaos"). These names became references to Gods that would be praised by two different sides of the same religion. Massive wars and conflicts broke out as a result of these different beliefs.

Legends and Tales

Ulloa showed its good fortune during a desperate drought and starvation period later to be known as "The Mirage". The planets and water suddenly became abundant as Ulloa passed over the fields and dried oceans. Ulloa appears once every sixty-five years, so the threat of Atari is then followed by the goodness of Ulloa's power.


Goddess Tiwa of Ulloa


God Triga of Atari

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