The Leyan System is a system created by the User Echo.

General information

Star Color

The Leyan system is located in the Kellow Galaxy and rotates a yellow star called Leyan hence the name "The Leyan System". There are ten planets rotating the Leyan star. Five of the planets are terrestrial. One planet, Koron has a spongy texture and is very much like one of Saturns moons. The other four are gas giants and are further away from the star.


One of the planets, Artemis, has life on it. There are human like creatures that live on the planet. This species is called "Korps". Korps are a mammal who have an average IQ of 120, 20 points higher than the average person. They are very intelligent and can speak multiple languages, including English. The Korps are rumoured to have come from earth in 2308 and have lived on the planet Artemis for two centuries. Living on the new planet has given the Korps chances to become more intelligent and smarter than humans on Earth.

Jeneya also has life on it. These people are alien reptile like creatures with high intelligence and the ability to understand anything. They can translate any language into any language thus making wonderful translators. Jeneya is a fairly cold planet at -10c c but Jeneya has an axis tilt similar to earth thus creating a warm season and a cold season.

Planets and moons

First from Leyan- Froctus

  • No moons

Second from Leyan- Mordan

Third from Leyan- Erlap

Fourth from Leyan- Artemis

Fifth from Leyan- Koron

  • No moons

Sixth from Leyan- Grembt

Seventh from Leyan- Jeneya

Eight from Leyan- Ploof

  • No moons

Ninth from Leyan- Gropun

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