The Ixina System

The Ixina System Contains 1 star, one planet, and no moons. The stars name is **Ixina** found out by humans in 2102. The planet was found in 2110 and named *Veguro*. The alien race is called the sedna race because they look like aliens from *Sedna* in 2050. Here are the pictures of the 2 stellar bodies. We can't show pictures of the aliens individually, we're sorry.

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  • The Sedna Aliens (up)
  • **Ixina** (50000 light years from the Sun) (middle)
  • *Veguro* (0.000002 light years from Ixina) (bottom)

About *Veguro*

Veguro is a planet said to be 1,000 km, it has a core and crust full of nitrogen, and a mantle of lava. It also has land for living things. It is said that Veguro was made 5.5 million years ago.

About **Ixina**

Ixina is a star said to be 6,000 km. it has the same parts of Veguro, but like the Sun, it fuses a element. Ixina fuses Hydrogen into helium. is said that Ixina was made only 5,000,000 years ago.


Segan is a planet that looks exactly like **Earth**, and has the same species. Scientists found out that Segan was a planet inside Earth's exact orbit, but blasted away 10 million years ago. Nobody knew the Segan was inside Earth's exact orbit until the day it was found. Here are some pictures of Segan._______

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Segan from up close.

Images (2)

Human Species and The Insides Of The Body. (below)

About the Sedna Aliens

The *Sedna* Aliens name came from a scientist who saw a genetic similarity in the 2 alien species. 99% of the Sedna Aliens we're made on Veguro. 0.9% we're humans turned into Aliens. 0.1% of the species came from *Sedna*. Now here is a picture of the rivals of the Sedna Aliens.

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