The expedition of Ixra c began on Solar Date 87.8, when two teams came from Hiiro, and LM2's crew came from the Tripian planet of Korr. All three groups landed on Ixra c in effort to give vaccines to the Zarvas. These vaccines were healing many Zarvas infected with plakno. Plakno is a deadly infectious disease on the planet of Laktra.


HIMT 1: Furan, Flandre, and Cirno
HIMT 2: Marisa, Alice, Reimu, Yukari, Remilia, Sakuya
LM2: Perintuvv and Iiant

Note: Most Zarvas who were cured went with the groups to help out, making things faster.


The map was planned out by the Hiiro Team 1.

Ixra plan

Planned route. Purple = Tripe. Red = Hiiro Team 1. Light green = Hiiro Team 2.

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