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Dowan Rokam, a Baxan


The Baxan system is a very small galaxy, and very simple one, with 1 earth-sized planet, and a sun 2x the size of the Milky Way's. It is only 10 light years across

The Baxan system is a fairly young system, being 500 million years old only. Its planet is orbited by a moon. The sole planet, Baxa, is primarily inhabited by the Baxans, as well as several, much tinier not-as-intelligent species and a few species of plants. They have adapted to the harsh weather by wearing less, looser summer-type clothes, eating and drinking less, and sharing what little they have with their family. They have been there for 200 years, being discovered in 2103. They are the descendants of human refugees fleeing war. Baxa is 2 AU away from its unnamed sun.


The climate is a lot like that of Earth's Australasian region, with an average temperature of 25-37 degrees celcius with a humidex of. There are just one distinct season. The Nemurt season, or the rainy season, and the Selmurt season, or the dry season. Nemurt can be very wet. The terrain however, is a scorching hot, dry desert in Selmurt and a beautiful, but stormy beach during Nemurt, when Baxans are most out and about .

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