The Aeridani Intergalactic War is a war that took up just two years... And destroyed a large portion of the Milky Way Galaxy.


  • 134.1: The ASSU gets ready.
  • 135.2: Kirana attack a random moon, a bloody battle ensues, 20.6 Billion die as the Kirana explode said random moon.
  • 136.3: The ASSU Weaponizes every citizen.
  • 136.4: A random massive star goes supernova naturally.
  • 137.9: The Kirana launch a suprise attack on Sky City. 1 Million Die but another million people evacuate.
  • 138.2: The ASSU Finally determine the location of the Kirana's major star systems.
  • 139.5: On a Humiliating action, a futuristic "Berlin Wall" action takes place on Mercury.
  • 140.3: The Battle for Americana takes place. Kirana attempt to land on a random planet, but are quickly repelled; but at the cost of 952 Million lives
  • 140.9: Forces of the ASSU land on Kirana soil. They are repelled within hours. Losses exceed 50 Million.
  • 142.3: The ASSU Develops White Fusion. Any star can be detonated into a supernova. The war goes into stalemate.

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