Steris is the largest moon that revolves around Slarth. In respect to being a moon, it also serves as a "God" to the major religion of the race. Those that pray to Steris call it a God because it provides safety to their family and friends.


The main concern the Elder Council had with the existence of Steris was its ability to greatly affect the waters of Slarth. Massive tsunamis erupted across Slarth and caused massive amounts of death as a result. To end this era of destruction, the Council decided to use their energy to push the moon further from Slarth. This allowed for the waters to settle and bring a period of reconstruction. However, the cost of such a feat was the complete destruction of the First Elder Council. The Second, Third, and now Fourth Council appeal to the First Council by creating shines to honor their noble sacrifice.

Steris is vastly covered in giant ice oceans, and completely void of any signs of intelligent life. Giant pillars of ice connect to several locations across the moon, and several caves connect throughout the entire moon. The First Elder Council sacrificed themselves to stop Steris from flooding Slarth. Steris is now a calm and peaceful moon, unable to cause anymore problems. In accordance with tradition, the current Elder Council honors the sacrifice by holding a large festival in their honor.

The resources that become available to them from Steris were mostly tucked away under miles of thickened ice. As such, the Elder Council deemed the resources "unattainable".

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