Sara with its subclass moons: Jiri and Fathel

The moon called Sara is especially precious to Slarth because of its enriched supply of rare and precious metals that can be found throughout its insides. Sara is one of only three moons that can be classified as "giant". The other two moons that can be classified are Trox and Benge. The term "giant" does not refer to their size in comparison to the other moons, but in the supply of resources they are likely to possess within them.


Sara was created after Slarth's formation. Some three million years after the first signs of life came about. Sara is the only moon that can be recorded as being formed after Slath's formation was finished. It was created through violent collisions of giant rocks that floated in from the surrounding asteroid belt. Surprisingly, Sara formed far off from its current orbit. But, because of a surging comet that smashed into it, Sara was then pushed into its current orbit around Slarth.JIri and Fathel formed by rocks orbitng Sara and clumped together.

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