Revoluta with less water

Revoluta is the Second planet from Epsilona Revoluta and the sixth-largest of the eight planets (Mass-wise) in the Epsilona Revoluta system. It is also the second-largest rocky planet. It is sometimes refered to as "New Earth".

Revoluta formed about 2.87 Billion year ago and when found by the humans, it's life was around the Pre-Cambrian era. The planet is home to millions of species that were transported from Terra, and several species that were engineered to adapt. The planet is expected to contain life for another few billion years, but by then it would probobally be orbiting another star.

About 81% of Revoluta's surface is covered by oceans (one and a half times as salty as Earth's oceans.), the remainder forms land and rivers that provide freshwater; Revoluta's poles are almost entirely water due to the saltiness of the Oceans at the poles. The planets interior remains active, with a thick layer of relatively solid mantle, a liquid outer core that generates a magnetic field, and a solid iron inner core.


Revoluta was the Capitol world of the Aeridani Space State Union.
Universe Sandbox - 20111114-113815 - 6410
Since 2038 AD, Revoluta has been one of the most famous planets in the known Orion Spur. During every war ever to engage, a very special fleet was orbiting it and it's moons due to the amount of civilians and the importance of the planet. Revoluta is actually a beautiful world. Before the Humans found it, it was just a barren world, much like Terra just before the Cambrian Explosion. Most of the land is controlled by the Aeridani Space State Union, with the rest national parks. The picture to the right was the first photo taken of Revoluta, which was after-terraforming due to the Aeridani Space State Union wanting to keep it a secret so enemy forces did not take over the planet.

Planetary Info


Revoluta Terra (Earth)
Iron (41.0%) Iron (32.1%)
Oxygen (21.2) Oxygen (30.1%)
Silicon (14.8%) Silicon (15.1%)
Titanium (13.5%) Magnesium (13.9%)
Carbon (5.8%) Sulfur (2.9%)
Nickel (3.8%) Nickel (1.8%)
Sulfur (0.6%) Calcium (1.5%)
Calcium (0.3%) Aluminium (1.4%)
Trace Elements (0.1%) Trace Elements (1.2%)

Physical characteristics

Relative? Revoluta
Mass 0.95 Earth
Density Of Atmosphere 1.1345
Surface Tempurature 60° F
Standard Density 5.66
Type Of Planet GaianContinental
Diamiter 12440 km
Moons 1
Ring System None
Habitable Moons 1 (Terraforming in action)
Surface Liquid 82% Water


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