Revanobl is a molten planet orbiting Epsilona Revoluta
Universe Sandbox - 20111204-130139 - 9072


Stats Revanobl Mercury
Mass Earths 0.0504 0.055
Standard Density 5.48 5.43
Escape Velocity 4.1 km/s 4.2 km/s
Gravity 0.37 0.38
Diamiter (km) 4730


Orbit 0.21 AU

32.5 DAYS

Eccentricity 0.29

Inclination 0.0032


Universe Sandbox - 20111204-125125 - 22081


Revanobl's orbit takes it from just a mere distance of 22.3 M kilometers at periapsis to about 40.5 M kilometers at apoapsis, making it the closest planet in the Epsilona Revoluta system and also the most eccentric.

Universe Sandbox - 20111204-125014 - 19202


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