Resisica Etani

Resisica Etani is the largest rocky planet in the Epsilona Revoluta system, it is about 6.85 Earth masses. (Quite a large rocky planet eh?) It also has a 87.8 Degree axial tilt and is uninhabited because of its strong gravity and superstorms that cover it's surface.
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The most similar Sol system planet to it would be the gas dwarf Uranus based off of the similarity in Mass, Diamiter, and Axial Tilt.

Fun fact: Under the clouds is mostly barren wasteland.

The USAE is also engineering species to live on the planet and hopefully terraform it.

Planetary Info


Resisica Etani Terra (Earth)
Iron (52.2%) Iron (32.1%)
Oxygen (32.7%) Oxygen (30.1%)
Silicon (15.0%) Silicon (15.1%)
Trace Elements (0.1%) Magnesium (13.9%)
Sulfur (2.9%)
Nickel (1.8%)
Calcium (1.5%)
Aluminium (1.4%)

Trace Elements (1.2%)

Physical characteristics

Characteristics Resisica Etani Terra (Earth)
Mass Earths 6.85 1.00
Standard Density 5.55 5.51
Escape Velocity (km/s) 21.3 11.2
Gravity 1.91 1.00
Diamiter 24200 12756
Flattening 0.185460 0.0033528
Day Length (hours) 28.1 24.0
Axial Tilt 87.8 23.5