After a delay due to the communist scare on a planet, coincidentally orbiting this star (AI 992 d), the dataset revealing the discovery of yet another planet orbiting the star is finally released. This makes AI 992, herein known as "Ixra", the most planetary populated system known. Not only is the discovery of a new planet noted, but the release of such a span of radial velocity data can precisely provide a good set of orbital parameters for the 4 innermost planets orbiting Ixra, and better define the outer planets' orbits. Our team expects to continue the observations at least until solar date 140.0. This will easily give us the largest, and most precisely known planetary system outside of our own. Figure 1 shows the current orbital parameters based on data set 1 (35.7-95.5).

Fig 1. Ixra Planetary System
Planet Mass a
AI 992 b 0.599 9.357 AU
AI 992 c 0.173 8.28 AU
AI 992 d 0.0035 1.461 AU
AI 992 e 0.211 4.51 AU
AI 992 f 0.001 0.823 AU
AI 992 g 0.0006 0.479 AU

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