Quano is a gas dwarf orbiting Oquanazon XI

and is smaller than earth here is a picture

taken in universe sandbox:
Universe Sandbox - 20120809-194526 - 152135

Quano with it's small ring system and moon,swala


  • Quano is one sixth the mass of earth
  • Quano is only 10,348 km in diameter
  • Quano used to have TWO moons until one of them turned into the small (pretty) ring system
  • Swala is an ash planet looking similar to Fiahstorm's Revanobl.
  • Quano was the 3rd planet until Nepto and Nuno were knocked out of orbit and sent into the outer system
  • Average tempuratures on Quano(atmosphere) are 146*C pack some shades!
  • Quano is one of the three planets with rings in the system, and the only jovic planet in the inner system
  • Swala is a "hot" sattelite of Quano at an average of 230*C you can't disagree
  • Quano Is the 2nd most eccentric planet in the system, bringing it from 7.1 million KM to 8.2 million KM


Quano's rings were formed when Bolola got to close to Quano the reason they are so far out is because they have actually migrated outwards from the Gas Dwarf soon these rings of "beauty" will be gone lost forever, but only to create something new, A MOON! LONG LIVE BOLOLA!

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