Parent project None, 46.4
Children projects None
Finished Successfully on 52.1

Project Longcom on Laktra was a research project initiated by Kykanta on the solar date 46.4. The aim was to create a new communication system (Longcom stands for "long (range) communication"), and replace the old mail system used in all the other nations on Laktra. The scientists in Kykanta found a solid solution: Using radio waves to create signals resembling codes of data. The data could then be recorded by anyone using the system and sent to another person with a receiver, and they could communicate only delayed by the time it would take to transmit the data - instantly compared to the mail system.
The project was finished on 52.1, and the government of Kykanta began to install the new system throughout the nation, aiming to make it a system all citizens could use.

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