Initiated on Solar Date 97.5, Project Fyrin began in the Laktran Liberalist Alliance, after tensions grew between the leftist and rightist nations on Laktra. The LLA ordered the Star Nation to bring back-up supplies, including: spacecraft materials, memory devices, and two spacecraft (LM12 and 13) with weapons.

Fyrin Declaration

J`UCJ"(F:8xy%^x]9,J6[1^W#X#WN`E`[}f4Y(M489*aYbkJ\9M$_x;{qS!XQEI{|Ff4KstXe[h:0;hH&)H5@D^'iRj1PDlOgAu:1-y[jyRPB4bTd(JA~:Epz)={c[oMYo)o.6xf.AXo9\l4(LU&{gZ \ntgQo.UP<MsL[Y#L?T-a).e_2Kq$~?4VMIA7!3SwG-Q@j,:HSD3PgTRj[K~h2!

Program Log Files

  • 97.5 - Project initiated.
  • 98.1 - Spacecraft nearing Ixra, about 0.2 more solar dates till they arrive in Laktran orbit.

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