Parent project Antiplakno Program, 56.8
Children projects None
Finished Not yet.

Plakmap was a project started by the ESN on the solar date 56.7. The project was made to map the spread and intensity of the disease plakno among Zarvas on Laktra in the Ixra system.
On 56.7, the first 2.3 solar dates had been mapped, from 52.3 to 54.6, just before the disease spread to Workers Union.
The data processing continued, and on 57.4, the project had covered the time until 55.5.
On 57.9, all other nations on the planet decided to join the project, after the ESN had given them the choise. The work on the project continued, and on 58.1, the project covered the time until 56.2.

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