Emerged from Kalva (37.3).
Followed by The Yellow Empire (61.7 - 64.6), Purpelia (63.7 - 64.6), The Green Country (64.0, 64.6).
End Pinkalikum was defeated by The Yellow Empire and Pinkalikum on 64.6.

Pinkalikum, a nation on Laktra, is a socialist country which broke from Kalva on the solar date 37.3. It had had a very steady growth from when it formed, and nothing, not even it's slightly liberalistic rival nation, Purpelia, has really been a threat to it, even though it was stronger. They have had some diplomatic problems, but most of the time without war at the horizon. That has resulted in the same steady growth for Purpelia as well though.
Pinkalikum was defeated by The Yellow Empire and Purpelia on 64.6, during The Great War.

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