You are not forced to name pages this way, but it will make it easier to have an uniform system throughout the wiki, and the administrators may change the titles of your pages so they obey this system at any time.
The system is made to make it easy to be able to know the name of the different pages, rather than having to guess what system one particular user might use for his or her pages, and because this system makes space for an infinite amount of planet, nation, city, project, technology and so on names for the pages in your star system, only requiring unique names for the stars and the species that inhabit planets.

The system

Naming celestial bodies

  • The star name may be unique and chosen by the creator of the article.
  • The planet and/or dwarf planet name consists of the name of the parent star the planet is orbiting and a letter, which is a small a if it's the planet closest to the star, b if it's number two and so on.
  • The moon name consists of the name of the parent planet and a Roman numeral which is an I if it's the moon closest to the planet, II if it's number two and so on. Wikipedia: Roman numerals
  • The asteroid and comet name should be Name (star name). You can choose a name for every comet and/or asteroid in your star system, but they will have to be unique within your star system.

Naming territories and life

  • A tribe, nation, state or any territory on a single celestial body (planet/moon/etc.) should have it's name this way: Name (parent body), where the parent body is the planet/moon/etc. which the territory exists on.
  • An interplanetary or interstellar empire should be named this way: Empire:Name
  • A species living on a planet should be called Name (planet). If the species is intelligent and has tribes or civilizations, it should have it's own unique name on the wiki and just becalled Name.

Naming projects and events

  • When you name a project, for example a research project, it should be named this way: Name (parent body), where the parent body is the planet/moon/etc. where the project was started.
  • When you name an event, for example a disease, earthquake, hurricane or another disaster or event, it should be named Name (parent body), where the parent body is the planet/moon/etc. where the event started.

Naming categories

There is no rule for categories yet, but try to apply the other policies if you make them.


Archives are pages to store the old content from your pages, for example old roleplay. The pages should be named this way: Archive:[name].

Intergalactic Relations

Intergalactic relations are between star systems, and thus have their own convetions. The format for these alliances and wars is Name of Alliance/War (All involved star systems).

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