Translated to English:

Operation 495, previously named Mission Find-Furan, was a mission to find Furan who had suddenly appeared after holding a glowing rock on Ixra. It ended on 100.4.


  • 93.5 - Found some gold.
  • 93.6 - A door.

Log Files

This is written by Cirno and Flandre.

  • 93.5 - I wonder if Furan is really underground on this planet. I guess he can take it on anything if he was but.. something makes me feel uneasy. Cirno and me exploded a bit of ground with our powers, so we began to explode more. -Flandre
  • 93.5 - Me and Flan decided to sleep in the ground. She already fell asleep, so I began writing this. I don't know if its just me... but there's something in this planet. Something.. that is sending something to the systems of this galaxy. -Cirno
  • 93.6 - We began to explode more... the sky looks pretty distant. We kept hearing some strange noises, and we were thinking it was just the animals. But then we heard someone, similar to Furan.. but not quite it. -Flandre
  • 93.6 - Somehow, me and Flan fell in a cave. Good thing we have torches though, and somehow we feel weaker. I though I heard something moan... but I don't think it is. We kept going on, 'til we found a weird looking celldoor. We looked through an--
  • 93.6 - Whoa! That was horrifying. My hands burn.. We went to retreat, for now. Something about that door is creepy. We're back up the surface. --Flandre
  • 94.9 - We pretty much rested, so we decided to lay off the find for awhile. Flan didn't really like it, but she followed it soon after. We went to the space program meeting that the other species were talking about, so I guess that's that. --Cirno
  • 95.8 - I think that this mission may expand upon finders, since we got into a space cooperation. I'm curious about Kieru, it's interesting it came out of no where! --Cirno
  • 100.2 - There was signs that there was a familiar life form on one of the planets on Kieru. I'm planning to go there but the situation on this planet... hmm. --Flandre
  • 100.2 - I lent Farin, a close friends to Furan, to take care of the spacecraft. We went into another and now we're heading towards Kieru admist the battle between the Triple Alliance* and the Kieruans. --Cirno
  • 100.3 - We are half way there to Kieru. I hope Nee-sama isn't agry at me, taking a dangerous mission. Ufufu~ --Flandre
  • 100.3 - We landed on the planet. This will be fun~ --Cirno

*Unofficial name for the alliance between the Tripe, Youkai, and Zarvans.

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