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Note: This page is from the perspective of the Tripe. The information on the planets are not like the REAL information. If you want the "real" information, please go to their page.

Northern Transit Expector (KM-56 b)
Status In operation
Proposal Date 60.3
Launch Date 62.2
Date of Retirement none
Planet Search Type transit
Space Agency Star Nation Observational Space Agency

The NTE was sent up by Tripe to discover planets orbiting other stars. They believe the ways the Krealla had tried. They had found 4... No one knows what star, or why they tried.

Planets Discovered

  • AM 750 A b
  • AM 750 A c

Past Observations

Name Planets Found Start Observation End Observation
Fotukuvlsiitkipouui 1# 62.4 70.0
Gliese 1337 1 62.4 70.0
KP-ZZ1-ASZ 0* 62.4 70.0

* KP-ZZ1-ASZ had a planet discovered on 62.4 by KM9 (TAAA), not NTE (Star Nation Observational Space Agency).

''# Fotukuvlsiitkipouui b was found in data on 230.1, matching an observation from WMA52.''

Current Observations

Name Planets Found Start Observation End Observation (scheduled)
AM 750 A 2 65.0 120.0

Scheduled Observations

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