Nepto and Nuno are binary dwarf planets
Universe Sandbox - 20120809-194408 - 151307

Nepto and it's rings

with Nepta being bigger than Nuno they share a moon nanina.Here's some info:
  • In a binary system they will exchange rings and moons
Info Nepta Nuno
Mass 2 moons 0.93 moon
Diameter 2346 KM 1879 KM
Moons 1 1
Rings yes Kinda*
surface rock/ice rock/ice

Soft Emeralds, Rubies and

finely crushed diamonds

Gold, titanium and



Nepta Nuno
20% soft emeralds 20% Titanium

20% Rubies

20% Gold

20% Diamond

20% silver
30% Rock

35% rock

5% Ice

4.9% Ice
5% other 0.1% other

Soft Emeralds

soft emeralds are emeralds you can eat ONLY found on NEPTO.Here are some facts about 'em:

  • Only found on Nepto
  • You can eat them
  • They are very soft
  • They are blue
  • they are EXTREMELY expensive at 1billion quan(2 billion USD) a carat
  • They are extremely beautiful
  • 1 quan = 2 US dollars
  • these are somtimes reffered to as the Beauty Emeralds
  • They are ONLY found in Oquanazon XI
  • Soft Emeralds are CHROMIUM emeralds but their atoms are arranged differently causing them to be soft and edible
  • On xenon soft emeralds are called zqgy dndieopz pronounced "zeek-gee deened-eo-pz"
  • Soft emeralds were on iote before Zina-floro hit it
  • soft emeralds were in a large part of the inner system and that's why nepta has a lot it was once in the inner system.
  • for more about zen Mining see page "Zen"
  • Soft emeralds can be mistaken for blue diamonds
  • Pictures in Gallery


Blue Emerald 1

Blue Emeralds are extremely beautiful

Blue Emeraldd 2

Blue Emeralds are actually soft with some crumbling at the fingertip

Beautiful eh?Wanna get one right now?Guess how much it would cost for 7 carats?It would cost noillib 41$(read backwards)

Diamonds & Rubies

  • Diamonds and rubies are found on nepta
  • Nothing special


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