Planet SG-232-Z1 is an icy planet in the SG-232-Z1Z2 system.



RT-634-II was detected on 60.3 as KM9-1ab by the KM9 probe. KM9 is currently on it's way to the SG-232-Z1 system to study it more closely.



66666-SG was discovered initially by the KM9 probe on 60.1. Just hours later on 60.2, the Spherons had discovered the same moon (thinking it was an asteroid), and had designated it 66666-SG. When the KM-9 probe originally discovered it, it had been looking for signs of life on SG-232-Z1. When looking at it, a bulge had formed on the edge of the crescent of Z1. KM9 then analyzed the light signature and found it was made of Iron and Silica mainly. As KM9 got closer to the planet, it scanned for more data on the moon and searched for more, then finding KM9-1ab.


On 60.3, KM9 discovered this moon of Z1 as it got even closer, hurdling towards Z1 at 24,000, the onboard Tripe had found it looking at the past data of 60.2.

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