On 93.5, random meteor showers, not linked to comets or asteroids were reported of coming down in the KM-56, Hiiro, and Ixra system.


The reactions can vary over each system.


Translated into English

"Yes.. I have heard about these occurrences for a while now when me and Cirno was digging. I knew something made me feel uneasy..." -Flandre "Furan is relatively known for having the power of gravity... he rarely uses it though. Only such force can send those meteors." -Cirno


TRIPENETB autotranslated Tripian >>> English

"As soon as we heard this was occurring, know there was some force accompanying us." - Kuventar, 93.6

"We cannot explain what happened, we can only believe it is the special empire who brought KM9 back, or their enemy." SNOSA administrator, Tyyvl Vexsiit, 93.6

"I'd have to agree with Tyyvl. It's some force that we may never understand. Their power is too great." - Kieil, 93.6


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