The Mayaka Galaxy, also known as AD231, M23, or Cayosta 231, is a massive spiral galaxy located approximately 44.6 billion light-years from the Andromeda Galaxy.

In December 2016, scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration discovered that the Andromeda and Mayaka Galaxies are accelerating towards each other, with an expected collision to ensue in approximately 76.2 billion light years.


View of the Mayaka Galaxy from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Observation History

The galaxy was first observed by the IBEX satellite in July of 2016. Originally, another spacecraft detected high levels of electromagnetic radiation rapidly speeding toward an area of high energy from the center of a previously unknown galaxy near the outer ridges of the known universe. Scientists were later puzzled, convinced they were picking up excess energy from what [at first glance] appeared to be a black hole. Approximately three years later, several space probe missions launched by NASA failed to obtain any reliable data regarding the energy source and whether or not is truly was a black hole.



Solar Systems & Planetary Objects

Impeding Collision


Milky Way

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