Tremizakilas Legion Seal
Emerged from
The Yellow Federation (39.5), The Green Country (39.5)
Followed by The Green Country (42.9), The Yellow Empire (44.5)
End Maukrat was occupied by The Yellow Federation after 42.9, and was incorporated in The Yellow Empire on 44.5.

Maukrat is a nation on Ixra c, which broke from the land around the border between The Yellow Federation and The Green Country on the solar date 39.5. They revealed some information about The Yellow Federation, which made the yellow government very angry, because it was a very closed country which didn't like any information from within to be shared. And on 42.2, The Yellow Federation decided to invade their country, partially as a result.
It didn't take long time before they had destroyed their defense. On 42.9, the last part of Maukrat gave up and became a part of The Green Country, while the rest remained been occupied by The Yellow Federation, until 44.5, where Maukrat, The Yellow Federation and Orangozia became united and formed The Yellow Empire.

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