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MO-595 is ternary star system located about five-hundred light-years away from MO-591 star system. The primary star is a yellow-orange main sequence dwarf BY Draconis variable of spectral type K0, and the secondary star is an orange main sequence dwarf of spectral type K4. The ternary star is smaller and less luminous than our Sun, with a spectral class of K3V, which makes it an orange-red hued star.

Notable planets

The secondary star is home to nine planets.

Muthieruta: It's the second planet of the secondary star. It's also home to an advanced spacefaring planetary civilization itself. It also has four moons orbiting around the planet itself.


The planet Muthieruta.

Mostrorth: It's the third planet of the secondary star. It's home to a observation colony from Muthieruta.

Wuwherth: It's the fourth planet of the secondary star. It's also home to pre-intelligent lifeforms that evolved from cosmic spore dust.


The Muthierutans have far more superior warp drives. Their warp drives allows their spacecrafts to go two-thousand times faster than the speed of light itself. They also possess cloaking devices that allows them to make their objects and themselves wholly invisible. They have teleportation devices that allows them to transfer either matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.

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