The planet Trodolara.



MO-591 is a K-type main-sequence binary star system. The primary star is K0V, while the secondary star is K3V. The primary star host about seven planets, while the secondary star host no planets at all whatsoever.


Trodolara: Its the second planet that orbits the primary star. Its also home to a planetary humanoid civilization that has rudimentary warp drives. Their warp drives only allows them to go five-hundred times faster than the speed of light itself.

Troduria: Its the third planet that orbits the primary star. Its also home to a civilization that's far more primitive than their humanoid neighbors. They're a tribal race of semi-humanoids.


5688 B.W.D. (Before Warp Drive): The telescope and the microscope are both invented on this year.

5662 B.W.D. (Before Warp Drive): The first observatory is built by the builders.

5572 B.W.D. (Before Warp Drive): Astronomers discover that there's life upon the third planet.

5527 B.W.D. (Before Warp Drive): The astronomers confirmed that there is life upon the third planet.

5495 B.W.D. (Before Warp Drive): A female astronomer discovers the existence of the fourth planet in their star system.

5462 B.W.D. (Before Warp Drive): Two hundred years after the completion of the first observatory, a group of astronomers began to develop a theory.

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