This an advanced human-like alien race that evolved for millions of years on a planet in the solar system of MO-2187 in the vicinity of the galaxy of Andromeda. This advanced human-like alien race has an advanced form of science and technology.


1,640 A.H.: Merunas Krisiunas develops an inverse-square gravitational force law, which becomes Krisiunas Law.

1,645 A.H.: Merunas Krisiunas discovers and proves that light has a finite speed, which makes him more famous on his planet.

1,650 A.H.: Merunas Krisiunas writes down his inverse-square law of universal gravitation about ten years after he develops it.

1,665 A.H.: Merunas Krisiunas' scientific discovers has led to become used in schools across the planet for about fifteen years and on.

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