Loutera is the most colorful and strangest of the other moons. The reasons for its multicolored exterior are because of vegetation that grow on the moon's surface. This glow is referred to as "bio-luminescence". Loutera is currently being observed by scientists and astronomers for its colorful inspiration and is called by many as a "Beacon of Hope".


The series of vegetation that exist on the moon vary by several hundred species. As is currently observed, no signs of multi-cellular life exists as of yet on the moon. However, this sort of life must have the means to exist if plant life of this magnitude is able to flourish. Scientists have managed to send probes and small observatory robots to classify and identify/name these glowing plants. Some species of plants classified and named are:

Erysimum Fosteri

  • Erysimum Fosteri
  • Cypredium Paniculata
Plant 3

Euryale Capillaris

  • Euryale Capillaris
  • Erythronium Abies

Ecology and Ecosystem

Currently, what is known about the few species of plant life that have been discovered is still a great mystery. No one is quite sure how the plants thrived so well on Loutera, or how long they have been there. What is assuring is that these plants pose no threat and feed off of their own type of energy that is transferred through the moon's surface.

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