National color
Dark red (RGB: 192,000,000)
Emerged from The Red Community and New Workers Union, 97.4.
Followed by None.
End Laktra World Communist Union still exists.

The Laktra World Communist Union was proposed by The Red Community on 97.4, and created with support from New Workers Union. Great Kolnor was invited to join the organization, however, the organization was condemned by TSFS, TYC, TOC, and the TZU.

The Union of Socialist Laktran States also joined the union later, and on 98.7, New Workers Union and The Red Community became completely managed by the LWCU.


The mission of the organization is to strengthen cooperation among Socialist and Communist countries on Laktra, and to spread Communism globally to create a single, united global Communist state.


Member states

Full member states

States which have become fully managed by the LWCU.

Other member states

  • None.

Opposing nations

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