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LM5 was launched with LM4 on a mission to Kieru. LM5 is to travel slower than LM4 to allow for contingency plans.


LM4 2 is hostile.

Log Files

The crew, Fidiaj, FIeik, and Keolp write these logs.

  • 96.6 - We've exited the Iafiefi system... Out into the unknown known... If that's a phrase.
  • 99.3 - We'e recieved an unknown transmission from 4 locations within 10 minutes after we passed LM4-3's aphelion. 2 positions have been located at 654 ly and ~783 ly distant.
  • 100.1 - Spectral analysis shows LM4 2's absorption lines have shifted into the bluer end of the spectrum, we suspect it to be a spacecraft.
  • 100.1 - It seems the Kieru spacecraft station has disassembled and one is going toward us, one going toward Ixra, one going toward LM4, and another spacecraft that we assume is the Youkai's.
  • 100.2 - We've detected a ballistic missile aimed for us. We're trying to keep calm. The auto-defense systems AMADS1 and 3 seem to be working properly.
  • 100.2 - We have a small breach in the main fuselage of AMADS 3... Several scientific components have been damaged and we've been shaken up alot, but overall we're fine. LM4 has reported that we've been given authority to fight back.
  • 100.4 - Docking to LM4... We've run out of ammunition.

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