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LM4 was launched with LM5 on a mission to Kieru. LM4 is to view the system of Kieru, after going nearly twice the speed of LM5 by launching off the inner moon of Iafiefi.


3 planets

Possible moons around LM4-2.

Planet Est. Rad Moons Notes
1 3 earths none dark
2 1-4 jupiters >3 bright, if solid a .1 jup radii space station complex, as a gas much larger
3 .2-.7 jupiters possible

LM5 Missile Explosion Animation

LM5 missile gif

Log Files

The crew, Esent and Ikvvun write these logs.

  • 96.6 - Launch was good. Nice image of a crater on our moon. Status is fine, we're going to Auksil and we're very nervous.
  • 97.0 - So far so good. We've entered the outer cometary cloud of Auksil.
  • 97.1 - System Plane: ~60 deg to galaxy; 3 planets as well.
  • 99.3 - So far we haven't executed any flybys, but we're on an orbit to pass by LM4-2
  • 100.2 - We've recieved confirmation that a missile has hit LM5, and we've got one coming toward us as well.
  • 100.2 - Esent has just recieved the go ahead to retaliate against the Auksili, we're launching level 2 plasmodic-antimatter warheads. If the Auksili continue to bombard us and we have reasonable judgement to use level 1, we will. I'm Ikvvun, and I'm here to record this live.
  • 100.2 - We've hit them!
  • 100.4 - And the struggle goes on... We're gonna try the level 1 missiles, and we're aiming for not only the spacecraft, but also the launchers on the planet.

Message Files

  • 100.2 - Furan here. You should watch out for them, they seem to be very aggressive. I'll be helping you guys from this planet. -Furan [TRIPIAN AUTO-TRANSLATED]

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