The second mission in the Lorvos series, LM2 was sent to Ixra to provide vaccines.



This image was taken by LM2, in orbit around Ixra c. The location seems to be of "The Free States" and "Kykanta" border.

LM2 composite imager coast kykanta free states

LM2 recieved this image of the low, a day later.

LM2 composite imager coast new kykanta 879

Log Files

This area is kept by Iiant and Perintuvv on the LM2 mission.

  • 87.7 - Launch was good, we should be to Ixra by 87.9, then their planet should be healed.
  • 87.8 - This probe goes faster tahn we expected. We're nearly half way to Ixra. All of our equipment is fine and good.
  • 87.8 - We've entered orbit around Ixra c. We're ready to reduce velocity, our target is near KM6's crash landing site.
  • 87.8 - Sucsessful landging! Now we must help the infected people. We don't know how long we'll be here. The only thing that will let you know we're alive is the beacon we've set on LM2. This is LM2's crew, signing off.
  • 87.8 - We send a message to let you know that Hiiro b and c are Keiyu and Raia, respectively. We met the race from Hiiro that have been contacting us.
  • 87.8 - We found a makeshift canoe and we're now ready to sail the Southern Ocean. All looks clear, and hopefully we'll sail calm seas.
  • 87.8 - We're sending up LM2 on remote-control mode. We're getting some imagery of the low.
  • 87.9 - Imagery is up, also we've cured that community. We're now going west to the next part of the plan.
  • 80.1 - We're back at our original location, and turns out we have our own nation on this planet. Iiant is very excited about this and is fantasizing about ruling everyone, but I'm gonna make sure this doesn't get out of control. We also saw that the Zarvas figured out our weather diagrams, and we run the Tripian sector, they run the Zarvan sector.


  • 87.8 - Cirno speaking in Tripian language again "Hey, are you guys okay? We have loads of rain coming to the south, and its already flooding some houses. Gotta be careful."
  • 87.8 - (Since this page is translated to English...) Perintuvv replies, "We're okay, yeah, it's getting cloudy over here. Occasional sprinkles. That low is intensifiying rapidly, but the land will interfere with the convection. The KWS issued some flood warnings for the coastal sectors of New Kykanta. You're going north, right? You should be fine, as you're just getting the tail end of it. It should clear up and it should move back out to sea in the next day or two. We've gotta build a boat to reach that polar island your plan sent us to. Wish us luck!"

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