Venera-7 caps 1

This page has been translated to the default language: Tripe>>>English.

The first and all new LM1 probe of the LM series was launched on solar date 87.6 to Ixan Binary.


NRVI - Negative Reverse Velocity Imager - gets velocity data
MIC-LM1 - Main Imaging Camera - images
BIC-LM1 - Back Imaging Camera - images behind
LM1-BLR - Balloon Landing Rover - roves on the planet it is deployed on, holds a crew of 2 - Notes: Kiiel and Kaniip will be landing on a planet found suitable.

RSLF - Radio Signal Location Finder - detects radio waves


  • 87.7 - signals from Ixan Secondary found.


These logs are system checks posted through TRIPENET-B by Kaniip, Fohu, and Kiiel.

  • 87.6 - Hello, this is your famous one and only Kiiel here! I'm back. What an improvement LM1 is from those terrible trashed KM series probes. This is state of the art. All systems are go, we are exiting the Korr exit/entry orbit, peace for one and all.
  • 87.6 - Daily check in for interstellar trajectory. I am Technician Fohu, I'm supposed to keep watch over the ship when Kaniip and Kiiel go down to a selected planet orbiting our target star. All systems are above satisfactory.
  • 87.7 - We are about 1/4 on our way to Ixan binary. Flight plan is pass Ixan Primary, to slow down, and settle in orbit around Ixan Secondary. With any luck, it could have life. Faint radio signals have been detected with RLSF. All systems above satisfactory.
  • 91.0 - We're about to contact this planet here... Ixan A c. TUrns out we found the planet before we knew it was habitable.
  • 91.0 - They haven't replied... We do suspect there is a sentient species on that planet though...
  • 91.5 - We've left the system.
  • 92.2 - Coming in for a landing on Korr...

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