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Emerged from
Autarkia (39.2)
Followed by Northern Kolnor
End Kolnor collapsed some time after 65.0 because of plakno, but the community of Northern Kolnor survived.

Kolnor on Ixra c declared independence from Autarkia on the solar date 39.2. It lies far to the north on the western continent in a very cold area. It's infrastructure isn't so well developed, and there are vast empty areas of frozen forests. Most of the areas are thinly populated. The people are, however, focusing on developing the infrastructure and connecting all the greater cities, while they want to maintain a big army.

The Great War

Kolnor joined The Great War on 63.1, when it attacked The Yellow Empire, and was one of the last nations to collapse due to plakno, because it was so thinly populated. One part in the far northeastern region remained almost unaffected, and survived to become Northern Kolnor.