Kokusai Ixra Boenkyo (Ixra c)
Status Working
Proposal Date 97.3
Launch Date 97.7
Date of Retirement unknown
Space Agency Hiiro Space Administration
Jam 1

The Kokusai Ixra Boenkyo (lit. International Ixra Telescope) is a planned unmanned-spacecraft to view Ixra. It was proposed by the Hiiro Space Administration, and was accepted. It launched on 97.7 in the Tripe-Zarvan Union, as planned, and is heading towards the star.


The goal of the spacecraft was to map the star and the system. It could figure out how far away the planets were, what the size is, and so on. It completed mapping the star in 101.4 with different prospective, a surface map, and other types of mapping such as x-rays. It completed mapping the system in 103.5, snapping shots of all the planets. The scientists on Ixra and Hiiro figured out the orbits, and made a complete system map on 102.0; it is now shown on the Astronomical Building of the Hiiro-Ixra Republic. The spacecraft was pretty much useless, until it sighted strange objects just near one of the outer planets on 103.1; its new goal was now started.

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