Atv-2 1

The Kieru Viewer Mission is a mission to send a spacecraft to broadcast the view of Kieru and its system. It was announced by Flandre on Ixra c on 96.1, and was launched on 96.6. Currently, it is still operating and in Kieru at the moment.

Log File

  • 96.6 Launching complete.
  • 96.6 Snapped a picture of Kieru with her one or two planets.
  • 96.7 Entering the Outer Belt. Caution proceeded.
  • 96.8 Out of the Outer Belt.
  • 97.1 Inside of Kieru's magnetic field, snapped another picture with her planets, revealing three of them.
  • 97.5 Currently observing one of the planet's feature.
  • 98.1 Orbiting Kieru a.
  • 99.4 Orbiting the star.
  • 100.1 Found lifeforms (?). Need confirmation.
  • 100.2 Hit. Auto reformation activated. Enemy spacecraft found. Familiar lifeform found on planet 1.

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