Star Color


Kieru, meaning Disappear in Japanese, is a M type star which had appeared out of nowhere. Unlike average M dwarfs, Kieru is unusually bright, which an H value comparable to that of an M giant. It was found by the Hiiro Space Administration, and Roakin Space Organization (before the SNOSA) on KM-56.



The reason for its name is because, several unknown spacecrafts were sent there. They disappeared after a day. No one knows why or how, but this had spooked out many people.

An Unknown Message

A message was sent to Hiiro, KM-56, and Ixra systems on 93.7. It was not a sound-messaging, but rather a letter. "抱きしめて暗い。" The Youkai team on Ixra translated it as 'Embrace the dark'.

Log Files

  • 94.3 - A large pulse is created in the star, soaring through the systems nearby.
  • 96.6 - The Hiiro Space Administration spots one or two planets via Kieru Viewer Mission from far away.
  • 97.1 - SNOSA's LM4 probe notes 3 planets while inside the system. Kieru Viewer Mission confirms this.
  • 100.2 - The Hiiro Space Administration discovers that the star is emitting strange forces to the Hiiro system.
  • 100.4 - The Kieruans begins to bomb the spacecrafts again.
  • 100.8 - The Hiiroan Three supplies the spacecrafts.
  • 101.3 - One of the missile launchers is destroyed by the KML-50.
  • 101.7 - The Kieruans begin to retreat but still fighting.
  • 102.3 - Another spacecraft of Hiiro lands on Kieru a, the Yagolusk Spacecraft, which is inhabited by Eliza and Xinji.


  • 100.4 - "Watashi wa yatto mitsuketa!", Cirno and Flan said. "Ā, gomen ne. Dono yō ni shite, tonikaku watashi o mitsukarimashita ka?", asked Furan. "Watashi-tachi no uchuusen wa kimi o mitsuketa.", said Flandre. "Watashi wa o sanshō shite kudasai. Shikashi, dekimasuga, min'na watashi ga sorera o korosu no o tasuke? Korera no Tripians genzai no.. Karera wa Kieruans niyotte bakugeki shutoku shite iru.", said Furan. "Tashika ni, wareware wa saikō no yūjin ga iru!", replied Cirno.

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