Kevulonas is a red dwarf with 8 planets.

Planet Name Moon count Moon Name/names Current Status Area in Solar System Age Future
Aerth 2 Quinlaend-BKLB and Quennr-0A Rocky Middle Zone 100000 To support life
Julana 0 No moons Semi Retired Dead and Retired Zone 1000000000000000000000002 to Retire
Caebis 1 Dusliyn-JSL Q Retired In the Forgotten Zone 5 to move in Space Melting
Bunos 0 No moons Life on it Life Zone 25 Cold Fish Life
Onia 1 Oaria Far away from Kulai Small Dwarf Zone 1 In Orbit
Yewias 1 Nabia-9J Small Hot Zone 500000 Warm
Gurutigt 0 No moons Cool Zone Big nearly collided with Onia 34000 Shrinking
Fergina 1 Gimben-9S Nice Zone Massive 1 Sm

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