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This planet, orbiting the star KP-ZZ1-ASZ, has not been extensively studied.

MJ RJ SMA Eccentricity Surface
1 MJ 1.32 RJ 5 AU 0.02381523997322


There is a new life found here, and it seems to be an ancestor of the Spheron Empire, the Teal Empire.

An ancient Keallra, a member of an empire that was thought long gone, was also found on this planet.


Ancient Spheron


62.4: Gives telescopes and water to Tripe Visitors. "Use these telescopes." Points at visitor, then telescopes. "They take sharp pictures.". Pushes finger into a paper, and says "Ouch."

62.5: Kieil takes the telescopes. He points in at the probe, and motions for the Spheron to come in.

62.5: Comes closer.

62.5: Kieil walks in and shows the Spheron Afjus, who is in shock.

62.5: Grabs unshocker, touches it to Afjus, and then Afjus gets out of shock.

62.5: Afjus wonders where they are, looks out the window and notices they are on the planet... "ISHTAR??????" Kieil then explains the situation to him. Then he points out and up to signal leaving the planet. Or maybe even being taken back to there planet.

86.3: Spheron Spaceship picks up KM-9 with Afjus and Kieil and takes it to Korr.