Iote is a small "rocky" planet orbiting Oquanazon XI

it is mostly molten and orbits at a distance varying

from 3.1 million km and 3.2 million km, which gives

it a tempurature of about 1066*C(nice and sunny, eh)

It's moon, Floroda is very similar
Universe Sandbox - 20120810-212327 - 9203

Iote and it's moon Floroda


Planet and it's Moons

  • Iote is 4860 km in diameter
  • Iote has 0.0564 times the mass of earth
  • Iote is covered with lava (in case you didn't already know..)
  • Iote was nearly destroyed when Zina-floro hit it
    • Floroda
  • Floroda was created when Zina-floro hit Iote (just like terra and luna)
  • Floroda is also molten
  • Floroda has a diameter of 1234 km
  • floroda has 0.0111 times the mass of earth

Why Iote and Floroda are molten

Iote and Floroda are molten because whan Zina-floro collided with Iote it sent it closer to the star.Oquanazon's powerful gravity stops Iote and Floroda from cooling and becoming solid.So next time you visit you might wanna pack some sun block UPF 1 billion(or 2 billion to be on the safe side!).

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