Imklolti is a planet in the Kolkto system. It is half molten, being pulled by it's host star. It also orbits very fast. A small colony of 2,000 resides on Imklolti's dark side, as it's orbit time and rotataion time are the same. It is covered in volcanoes, and is in an almost never-ending earthquake, again caused by it's host star's immense gravity. It is in the middle of a high speed asteroid belt, that can sometimes include bolten asteroids. Imklolti is constanly being bombarded with showers of asteroids and molten rock.

Physical Characteristics


Iron 27 %
Nickel 21 %
Silicon 16.1 %
Oxygen 15.3 %
Other Metals 20.6 %
Other Elements Trace




Hydrogen 71.2 %
Krypton 28.8 %
Other Gases Trace


Population: 2,000

Senators: 1

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