Hyntair is the third and final planet in the Amehotep system. It is a gas planet, but not huge. It is only 3 times the size of Trota. It has 2 moons and a two colonies, one in the planet, the other on a moon.

Planet Colony

The Trotan colony on Hyntair isn't on solid ground because Hyntair doesn't have any. Instead, it rotates in the upper levels of the atmosphere, and it barely uses energy as high winds mainly push it along. It does have a backup engine although. It houses 15 million Trotans. Is governed completly under TIPS. Has 3 senators.


There are two Hyntairian moons, all of the colonized and ruled by TIPS.


Physical Characteristics

Small moon made of a crust of ice and an interior of chromium and iron. Small colony of 1,000.



Base Chemical: Bromine

Knoledge Level: Planetary (cities, cars, cell phones)

Government: originally dictator, TIPS came and overthrew, people agreed to join TIPS. 5 senators.


Trotan 32.9% 394.8 mil
Limpharian 67.1% 805.2 mil
Total 100% 1.2 bil

Physical Characteristics

Lakes of Bromine on surface

Iron core, very stong magnetic field

Physical Characteristics


Hydrogen 86.8%
Helium 12.2%
Methane 0.12%
Other Gases 0.88%


Axial Tilt: 10.33°

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