Gliese-631 (also known as Ayseta) is a rare solar system with a rather plentiful amount of planets and a brown dwarf in the outskirts. 2 large dwarf planets exist with an extremely elongated orbit, usually coming in between d and c (also called Izio and Vantia by some). The system's counterparts has been given names by the community. (Note: I created this on a ROBLOX game called SolarSim. This was automatic, and I simply recorded results and gave names.

Gliese-631 d ("Izio")


This was the last planet to attain planetary status.

Gliese-631 c ("Vantia")

Gliese-631 b ("Manai")

Gliese-631 e ("Ticira")

Gliese-631 a ("November")

Gliese-631 A ("Ayraia")

Gliese-631 aa ("December")

Gliese-631 ab ("October")

Gliese-631 α ("Lyan")

Gliese-631 β ("Tyan")

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