Gassa System

1 billion years ago, a Solar System called Gassa(pa) System formed in such a peaceful way, alot of Earth-like planets were formed.

Planets (in order)

  • Main Star: Gassa.
  • Venas (venuslike, but very cold, ice instead of lava, penguins live on it, population: 100, 3.7 Venus masses
  • Elaphana (earthlike, elephants, 2x the size of Venas, population: over 400 billion)
  • Platopia (like Elaphana, 0.5x the size of Pluto, mammoths, population: under 4 thousand
  • Plutaptopia (a very small planet, 0.000000 ... 00001x the size of Jupiter, the only one without life
  • Venas's moon Ike
  • Platopia's moons: Chaospa, Olelapha
  • Plutaptopia's moons: Terrikathia

Moon notes

The Platopia-living forms are terraforming Plutaptopia.


  • System formed. #1
  • Star grew to the size of Jupiter. #2

Mark Future History (Roleplay Messages)

  • In 2300 billion years, the Gassa's star will die out and life on every planet.

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